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Use Knowledge to Drive Optimized Business Performance.


Stay Up to Speed on the Latest Industry Trends.

Whether you choose to visit our education center or host our experts at your facility, our Education and Training services help you get the most from your myQuorum investment and ensure that you’re up to speed on the latest industry trends and best practices.


Oil and Gas Professionals on an Oil Field

Improve Productivity

Our professionals can help your team optimize Quorum products and solutions for their needs, and increase their productivity with minimal disruption.

Increase Agility

Decrease Time to Value

We help create self-sufficient, knowledgeable users able to proactively problem solve and extract optimized business performance from all of their myQuorum applications.

Shared Expertise

Industry Expertise

We know Quorum software better than anyone—and have helped other energy companies like yours use our products to optimize operations for over 20 years.


Training Programs to Maximize Every User's Capabilities



User Training

End users are trained to execute their job functions with maximum efficiency, through detailed training for myQuorum software modules and specific instruction on new functionality.

Super User Training

Super User Training

Line-of-business experts are trained to get the most value for their business by efficiently and effectively running mission-critical processes on myQuorum software.

Design Studio

Design Studio Training

Companies are trained to use a software toolkit and SDK that let them design, deploy, and develop innovative solutions that align to their unique business needs.


Persona Workshops

Customers are taught to apply design thinking to wireframes for new solutions based on the business goals, process needs, and pain points of specific job roles or functions.

Software Administrator

Administrator Training

IT departments are trained to seamlessly integrate myQuorum software into operations and IT infrastructure, with a focus on software and platform architecture, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


BI Training

Decision makers are guided through myQuorum reporting and analytics tools so that they can make better decisions faster with information gathered and managed by our software.

Education for a better perspective.

Quorum provides education courses that broaden our customers’ understanding of topics that are crucial to forward-thinking energy companies, such as digital transformation and best practices for both myQuorum software and processes specific to the oil and gas industry. The intent of all our education programs is to equip our customers with the knowledge they’ll need to succeed in the evolving energy marketplace.

Optimize Your Experience of Quorum Software.

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